Radiowaves with Kolya

You are Kolya. An old propaganda broadcaster from Soviet Russia. Your time on this planet is coming to an end but that doesn't stop you from getting to feel the excitement of riding the waves one last time. Nowadays the radiowaves are littered with all kinds of weird transmissions but you know how to get yourself heard. If nothing else helps, you will shout your voice over those millenial amateurs.
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ART - My eyes are my ears
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Blender, Photoshop, Substance Painter 2, Visual Studio, Microsoft speech recognition framework
Installation Instructions: 

Download executable .zip folder and extract to a location of your choosing.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Game will crash you do not have microphone enabled!

Next, double click executable and game should start.

Note that game only runs on Windows 10 as it uses Windows voice recognition framework.


Kilpeläinen Antta - Art and Design

Lindsten Antti - Art and Design

Pärnänen Aarni - Programming and Design

Virtanen Markus - Programming and Design

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