Radio Star

Radio Star is a spin on the tycoon genre where you are able to manage your own radio station, building towers to expand your influence and make a profit. How to Play: - Repeatedly click the "BROADCAST" button to earn cash. - Use your cash to build additional Radio Towers and widen your influence - Every Tower transmits a signal represented by a green wave, make sure your newly built towers are touching the 'signal fields' so they can operate - Once your audience grows, you are able to qualify for a sponsorship, which will auto-generate cash per second - Every 3 minutes, you will be forced to pay 'bills', the amount you pay is based upon the amount of towers you've built on the map Tips: - Observe the map and find the quickest route to achieve a greater audience - Limit your tower usage, those bills can sneak up on you! - Build your Tower at the edge of the signal field to maximize your influence and minimize on cost
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Installation Instructions: 

1) Press 'Play'

2) Download/Install Roblox Player

3) Allow Roblox to Configure and Upgrade

4) Press 'Play' again


Developed by Oahu Labs

Jake Asentista - scripter (LUA coder), UI designer

Jamien Chee - ideationist, asset creator

Game Stills: