Radio Bellica

A puzzle game with the old 90's "Find the object" graphic. You are the radio receiver in a fictional Great War setting. Every hour you will receive a written message, telling you to tune the radio on a specific frequence at a specific time to receive the next chess move to make. If you do everything right, you will live. If not, your camp will be hitted by the bombardment. But not all message are right, not all clear and comprensible. Spies can infiltrate the system, giving you false information, wrong frequences or trick you to lose time. How long will you survive? How long you will notice the little and inpercettible details in the enemy lies?
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ACCESSIBILITY - One tap for all
ART - Cardboard Challenge
NARRATIVE - Epistolary
META - Final Countdown
MS Windows

Game Design

Andrea Giuseppe Castriotta

Jami Salati