Plague Transmission

By John V Clerkin & Ann L Harrison. Play tested by: John, Ann, Sue, Glenn, Kitty & John McD. Title : Plague Transmission. Description: A two to four player game; 8+ age range. You play as a mad scientist, who, with your trusty Igor are trying to take over the world with a zombie plague. Unfortunately the other players have created their own diseased zombies and are merrily transmitting their own plagues across the board. Starting in your Lab you send out carriers to the towns and cities where they transmit and spread your version of the plague. You will also need to cure Zombies of the opponents plagues and defend your new infected zombies from the other players who will be trying to cure them. You have 10 days to take over the world....starting NOW! (In our photos the Scientists are being stood in for by Dragon figures and the Igors, by Munchkin legionaries. The Zombies are the coloured squares.)
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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We plan to create a digital version of the game in unity in the next few months. Potentially for Tablet or online gameplay

John V Clerkin and Ann L Harrison with assistance from Susan Harrison and Glenn Davidson.

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