Phone Squad

An intense, dynamic party game about telephone operators! Blame your friends as you all fail together in trying to connect as many phonecalls as possible. Don't forget, communication is key ;) ----------------------------- HOW TO PLAY Objective: Just survive untill the time ends. Connect all the phonecalls. 3 mistakes and you're out! First of all, one player opens the game on the PC, and 4 players open apps on their cellphones. The PC acts as a server, and everyone types in a 4 digit code to join the room. Then it's game on! Pay attention to the main screen and try to connect as many phonecalls as possible. Communicate and cooperate with your team, you can send plugs from one cellphone to the other, so work as a team and everything will be A-OK!
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programming - 

Matheus Lessa 

Kim Kaznowski

Artwork -

Luíza Shimura

Rodrigo de Azevedo

Jandê Saavedra

Game Design - 

Lucas Thiers

Game Stills: