Phobos 'R Us

A DOOM mod about a disgruntled IMPloyee... This is our first mod for DOOM/GZDoom, it was pretty intense to learn all this during the jam! We had a few things we didn't quite get hooked up in time, stay tuned for the post-compo version!
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CODE - Happy Birthday GGJ -
CODE - Upside down
NARRATIVE - Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story
NARRATIVE - Ever After
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Android device
Technology Notes: 
Requires GZDoom and Freedoom 2 or Doom 2. Made with SLADE 3, GZDoomBuilder-Bugfix, Paint.NET, Pixen, and The Gimp. Thanks to Nash for his GZDoom Project Template, JP LeBreton for pointing us at his mods for example code, and the DOOM Community for providing such awesome tools and documentation.
Installation Instructions: 


Please install GZDoom g3.0.1 or newer and select either DOOM2.WAD (reccomended) or freedoom2.wad (included) as your IWAD.


Level Design and Programming - Patrick Pacheco aka FusedToast

Programming - Eliot Lash

Programming and Art - Jonathan Camarena aka Kyperbelt

Sound and Music - Kyle Wynn

Imp Voices - Patrick, Eliot

Boss Baron Voice - Grant McPherson

Special thanks to our fellow jammers David Newel and Adam Dayton for sharing their DOOM modding tips with us.

And thanks to JP LeBreton and Eevee for inspiring us to try this in the first place!

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