Pass my pants aka Pants Mission

This is a collaborative card game about matching laundry. Players all have cards containing different types of laundry and they have to work together to get a full load in the wash and create an outfit for everyone.
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That Kind-a Game - (Sponsored by iThrive)
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Pass my Pants

A co-operative game for 3-5 players.

It's laundry day and none of you have any clothes to wear! Wash as many complete outfits as possible while avoiding dropping clothes on the floor.

Each player starts with an armload of dirty clothes. Pile them into the washing machine. If they match, stack up your clean clothes and make outfits to hide your shame.


Work together to achieve the highest shared score you can.


48 Laundry Cards, in 4 styles: tops, bottoms, hats, and underwear. There are 12 cards of each style.

Spin Token, a two-sided card showing either clockwise or anticlockwise.


Score points by completing outfits. An outfit is made of exactly 1 Laundry Card of each type. But don't forget to wash them first!

When clothes are washed, each player collects their incomplete outfits in front of them. They may not add to another player's incomplete outfit.


Shuffle the deck and deal each player 6 Laundry Cards. The remaining cards form the Laundry Pile.

Place the Spin Token with the clockwise side facing up. (Flip the direction for subsequent rounds.)


At the end of the game, the group scores 4 points for every complete outfit, and loses 1 point for every card in the discard pile. (Incomplete outfits are not worth any points.)

<1 Terrible; 1-7 Poor; 8-13 Okay; 14-19 Good; 20+ Excellent

On Each Round

Active players are those who have at least one card in hand at the start of the round. If there are fewer than two active players, the game ends and the group score is calculated.

Every active player passes one card face down to the next player in the direction of the Spin Token.

Every active player simultaneously reveals one card from their hand. Any player that plays the same style card as at least one other player puts that card with their incomplete outfits. Any remaining cards are discarded, and a replacement is drawn from the Laundry Pile.

Any player that can make a complete outfit sets it aside. If at least one complete outfit has been made this turn, turn the Spin Token over. They draw cards from the Laundry Pile until they have 6 cards in hand.

Any player with fewer than two cards draws cards from the Laundry Pile until they have two cards in hand.

Drawing Cards

If there are not enough cards for everyone to draw, the player following the dealer draws first, following the direction of the Spin Token.

If a player is unable to draw from the laundry pile, they continue without drawing cards.



Jen Beeston, Joe Cutting, Cristina Guerrero-Romero, David Gundry



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