Our Universe. Ourselves.

"Millennia of cosmic events have led us to where we stand today. But there comes a time to go beyond the gentle bosom of our solar system." Several years in the future: Mars has been colonized but humanity's thirst for knowledge is still not satisfied. Follow our three heroes on a journey unlike any other as they embark on a Mission to explore a newly discovered planet- but end up finding something much bigger than expected.
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ACCESSIBILITY - One tap for all
DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
NARRATIVE - Hidden Depths
Mac OS X
Technology Notes: 
We used the Blender Game Engine.
Installation Instructions: 

On macOS, just double click "game.app". Currently, the game just ends when you lose (= hit an obstacle). Just start it anew and try again until you reach the end of the first level! We will fix that (and many other issues and unfinished parts) soon!

You only need the spacebar to play. When in doubt, press spacebar.

You can still play this game if you are not on macOS. For this, download Blender for free from http://blender.org.

Then, download either the sources or the final game (the source files and assets are included in "game final.zip" as well), and open the "prototypes_0010.blend" file. After it opened, press "P" on the keyboard to launch the game.

Have fun!




Concept + Script: Erin Ahern

Soundtrack: JerryStuff (Ro)

Game Mechanics: Liam Kranz

Art + Translation: Jennifer Wermuth

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Source files: