In this fast paced, high in reflexes running game, you play as a little mummy just awakened from its thousand-year sleep. It realizes that its heart hasn't been weighed yet by Osiris, so he cannot go to the afterlife. It decides to escape from his tomb and run towards the exit, but the path will be long and difficult, since its corpse is decaying. You only have a few seconds left before transmitting your heart to another corpse. Left Stick or Arrow keys to move "A" Button or Left Click to transmit your heart This game was made by 6 Rubika Students : Cédric Bagein - Music Valentin Bourgogne - Level Design & Prog Julien Cabezas - Prog Boris Dauvergne - Props & Environment Antoine Destailleurs - Characters & Animations Eric Escher - Prog
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Unity (any product)
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