Omega Transmission 10018

Story-driven RPG game set in post-apocalyptic wasteland. Because, why not.
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DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
META - Special:Random
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
RPG Maker
Technology Notes: for games narrative script. Photoshop for graphic needs. Logic Pro X for music.
Installation Instructions: 

How to play

1. Follow download link
2. Download the GGJ2018 file
3. Extract the file
4. Locate game exe

Tested on Xbox controlled
Keyboard commands X. Z and rightside arrow keys

You can also find game's narrative scrip from the download link.


Game planning, game writing and well, overall putting it together - Niina "Olenbluu" Räsänen

Omega design and portaits & additional graphics like title cards, idk - Roosa Räsänen

Audio and music, like you know, the tunes - Pauli Ondruska

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