Net Brutality

A multiplayer game in which teams of players try to chain a charge along a series of nodes to their goals. Characters are differentiated by team colors. All characters start on the opposite side of the Source Tower. The nodes are spaced just outside of the Source Tower. Player may move nodes around to set up a chain connection. The source tower counts down and spawns a charge. The charge will then jump to the closest node within a given range. If no nodes are within range, the charge will remain on the source tower. When a node with a charge gets within range of another node, that charge will arc/pass to that node. If it's within range of a goal, the charge will arc to it and award the given team's color a point.
Jam year: 
Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Requires Playstation 4 Controllers.
Installation Instructions: 

Use a USB hub and plug in 4 Playstation 4 controllers.


Stuido Studios (Rob Canciello,, John Corn, Jose Zambrano)

Ed Kauffmann

Brett Taylor


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