Mixed signals

You are a cowboy alien and need to transmit messages via fire smoke indicating how many and what kind of enemies are coming to kill you. HOW TO PLAY: Minimum 2 players, 2 computers needed. 1 computer presses open the book, and other presses start game. Both players need to input the same 4 digit-code in their text box before beginning playing. The players must work by communicating together to figure out what enemy is coming and what keystrokes are needed to take them out. The key combinations are arrow keys and short presses(tap the arrow key that is shown), and long presses(over 1 second). As the book keeper you tell the codes to the game player, as the game player you hit the arrow keys for short period or long period of time THEN hit SPACEBAR to check the combination, if your combination matches a code for a specific enemy, those enemies die. Don't let the enemy get to you!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Eric Bouchard, Gregory Fortier, Joel Rochon, Kole Tackney

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