Mind Game is a social mobile game of deception, subterfuge and psychic puzzle solving. Three teams of two psychics compete against each other, and race against the clock to be the first to unlock a mysterious code. But first they must figure out who they can trust. Players must use their real world skills of persuasion, deception, as well as mysterious psychic powers to find their partner and transmit the information they need to solve the code. NOTE: The current build only works on android devices. Currently the menu isn't implement GAME SETUP The game must be played with six players Players are randomly assigned into three teams of two Each player is given a random name The game is played in eight rounds Rounds progressively get shorter through the duration of the game Players are randomly assigned a role as a 'seer' or a 'speaker' at the beginning of the first round Every time a new round stars, players switch to the other role (from a seer to a speaker and vice versa) THE CODE The code is a square with four icons in four different positions The game displays 12 possible solutions to the code, but only one of them is correct THE SEER Each round, the seer is given a hint with two icons in two positions One of these two icons is definitely CORRECT One of these two icons is definitely INCORRECT THE SPEAKER Each round, the speaker is shown the 12 possible solutions to the code the speaker can make one attempt to solve the puzzle per round SCRYING Once per game, every player may 'scry' another player To scry, hit the owl icon and select a player from a list of code names Scrying causes the selected player's phone to chime, and secretly reveals that player's team colour on the scrying player's phone screen You can't scry and block in the same turn BLOCKING Once per game, every player may 'block' another player To block, hit the lightning bolt icon and select a player from a list of code names Blocking prevents the selected player from performing any further actions for the remaining duration of the round, but also displays the codename of the person who performed the block on the blocked player's phone You can't block and scry in the same round HOW TO WIN The first team to find the solution to the code wins Any method of finding the solution to the code is allowed You are allowed to lie, to listen into the conversations of others, and to make deals with other players Respect your fellow players, and have fun! -Mind Game team P.S. Expect bugs
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