Mind-Blowing Dance Stream

WARNING: If you have epilepsy, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. A vibrant game about captivating the whole party with your wild dance move skills! HOW TO PLAY: Share your dance moves with people to make them enjoy the party and boost your DANCE STREAM. When you are grayed out, you can choose to dance with any one who is red, green or blue. When you are red, green or blue, find someone with the same color as you to dance with. Don’t let your DANCE STREAM deplete completely, otherwise the party is over!
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ART - My eyes are my ears
CODE - Upside down
DESIGN - I’ll be there in a minute
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Bernardo Alvarez Braga

João Batista Manique Henz

Leonardo Ramos Gonzalez Tagliaro


3D Art

Alexandre Santos da Silva Jr.


2D Art

Giovanni Ramos Gonzalez Tagliaro



Jéssica Lorencetti


Music from Jukedeck

Create your own at http://juekedeck.com


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