Media Crisis

Media Crisis is a 2 Player Couch Co-op game designed in 48 Hours for the Global Game Jam. This game is meant to be played with 2 Players, and requires permanent internet connectivity, and 2 XBox controllers. The game can also be played on the Keyboard with the following keys: Global Keys: Pause: Start / Escape Player 1: X = 1 Y = 2 A = 3 B = 4 R1 = 5 Player 2: X = 7 Y = 8 A = 9 B = 0 R1 = 6 Game Description: Welcome to Media Crisis. The world is currently going through a stage where media is no longer reliable. Daily we are bombarded with Real News and Fake News. Choose Real News to ensure that your nation remains Cultured and that it does not fall into Idiocracy. For every Incorrect answer, one district will fall to Idiocracy. Every 5 Correct answers, will cause one district to Recover.
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MS Windows, Web browser with special plugins or packaged apps
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Better with Controllers.
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