Mausi Swapna in Trans-Mission

New New Delhi, year 3496. People are finally free to be whoever they want and love has not limit. But an old and forgotten menace rises to end this new found peace: Cyber-Pope Benito Savonarola Erode IV! In Trans-Mission game 2 players take control of Mausi Swapna male body and female soul. Players have to cooperate to reunite the two part of Mausi identity through a procedurally generated labyrinth. Body-Knight shoots energy missiles by his mighty sword in order to destroy pope's evil emissaries: Ganeshas. Soul-Genie sings to share her position in the labyrinth while avoiding the Kalii evil spirit who becomes more and more aggressive as she sings. Health is shared between players and slowly decreases in time because body and soul cannot live apart. Controls: Warrior - PLAYER MUST WEAR HEADPHONES - Left analog stick: move Right analog stick: shoot projectile Kill a Ganesha to slow down Kalii Soul Left analog stick: move A: sing B: parry a projectile to recover health SONG: left and right on the headphones means souls is left or right of warrior current position If the song is an "AAAAAH" with an high pitch it means souls is South of warrior current position If the song is an "AUAUU" with a low pitch it means souls is North of warrior current position
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Aseprite FMod

Programming: Yuri Farina, Andrea Bozzi
Concept art and Intro: Annalisa Sabadini
Story: Alessio Pianesani
Music and SFX: Marco Testa
Pixel Art: Annalisa Sabadini, Alessio Pianesani, Andrea Bozzi
Game Design: Andrea Bozzi, Alessio Pianesani, Yuri Farina, Marco Testa, Annalisa Sabadini

Source files: