Martian Loot

In Martian Loot, your goal is to transmit sorely-needed Loot Boxes to the colonists on Mars. To accomplish this, you must move the boxes along their conveyor belt to the satellite dish, but there are missing gears in the machinery, and loot boxes may be lost. Instructions: Place gears on a motor or green axles by clicking on the motor/axle with the mouse. Gears on a motor will move when the motor is powered on, and when gears touch each other they rotate together. The motor has two buttons: power turns the motor on, and Reverse reverses the motor's direction (and thus, all the gears attached). You must try and find the correct axles to make a path of gears powering elevators to bring the boxes to the goal.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip package, Choose Mac or PC folder, run Martian Loot executable


Developers: Hieu Nguyen, Joshua Meeds - Art: Jonathan Chien - Music: Xiaohan Zhang

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