Lost In Transmission

A touchscreen adventure-stealth game where you play a hero that must free hostages via the vital call for help. "A group of civilians have been kidnapped by a group of shady figures and are being held in an isolated warehouse, far from help. One man, Peter, managed to slip away, his captors now looking for him. One of the hostages managed to hide her cellphone, but it's out of reach of both signal and Peter. To free them all, our hero will need to align satellite dishes scattered in the warehouse, so that the signal that the kidnappers are using to communicate with their boss reaches the place where the others are held, all without being spotted"
Jam year: 
Android device, iPhone
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
2d camera view (half-down), Full resolution graphics, Path-finding, Unity
Installation Instructions: 

The game is not complete and playable, but we have some scattered assets that should give an idea of how the game would have looked like:


-Art Assets

-Pen-and-paper prototype photos

-Music tracks



Leonardo Abate, Game Designer

Nehal Halim, Artist

Omar Mokhtar, Programmer

Oliver Friedman, Programmer

Nadi Adem, Programmer

Elena Alekseeva, Composer

Tim, Assistant


Source files: