Lost in Transmission

Trying to find your way through a manipulatable maze via sound. You are trying to find source of the music, but there are jammers causing static to make it harder. You can tune your tool to the frequency of the jammers to find them and destroy them. You move through the maze with a controller, and you can use the "plates" to interact with the different maze pieces. Some rotate the piece you are standing on, some rotate all around them and some rotate the one you are looking at.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Aukusti Manninen - Code

Juuso Salminen - Graphics, Photogrammetry

Oskari Rautala - Code, Audio

Oskari Tamminen - Graphics

Sami Laukkanen - Code, Graphics, Post processing


Audio file credits are inside the project.

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