The Lost Puzzle

lost in transmission, is about teaching the pipeline leading to the making of a video game, in a social "buble" such as the GGJ using through a simplistic user UI. The environment GGJ, is represented by a circle, while your team appears on you UI as a hierarchy organigram. Over time differents type of icons appears on the circle: task icons, and tips icons. Task is a specific element that one of your member will have to achieve, and Tips is an advice (sometimes displayed on screen) that will help on certains tasks. Overall all there is "tips", and "tasks" for every field making a videogame: coding, visual, music... Since such event are time limited, each "Task" will have a time cost, and often can be blocked if not receiving the help of a "tips icons". We aim toward teaching a pipeline, meaning that if the player tries to assign the wrong task, at the wrong moment an error message will be displayed. As well for a "tip" not matching the kind of the task you want to apply it on.
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