Little Animals Pingu Pingu

Little animals Pingu Pingu it a story about a cute penguin living on a small island in his tiny house. One day there comes another pinguin calling for help. All his pinguin friends has been kidnappe. Our brave pinguin sets out for journey to help him and save those pinguins. He visits many islands sailing on a very small boat. On every island there are diffrerent conditions, obstacles, even maybe some enemies! His task is to find and collect all cubs on island to fix broken transmission that will help open cage with stranded penguins. Then all penguins travel back to our small penguin island and now there are more friends on this island! He is scared but also brave, that's why he travels to help other penguins! There is also reward, for collected resources he can upgrade his house and boat, thanks to that he can sail even further! Welcome to one big penguin journey!
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Unity (any product)
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