Jammed Transmission

For long years humanity conquered space, unchecked and unopposed. There was peace and prosperity and pride in exploration. Some say it was the apex of our civilization. But a threat was looming from beyond. Dark beings loomed in the secret corners of the galaxy. My generation was the first to witness this unknown terror that would change the face of our universe as we know it. Two decades later, humanity struggles for survival. Slowly but surely this new enemy reigns chaos to our worlds. I’m in command of a ship behind enemy lines and came into possession of a device that jammes their communications and drives their hive minds to destruction. We must travel to all fronts and install clones of this device. We are humanity’s only hope.
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Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unzip the file and run with Unity for macOS.


Sasha Krstev

Nikola Angelovski

Filip Golaboski


Art & Design:

Simona Pejovska


Story Line & Game mechanics:

Aleksandar Jovchevski

Mihaylo Shteryov

Simona Pejovska



Futuristic Rhythmic Game Ambience from freesound.org

Sci Fi Interface from freesound.org

WinLevel from freesound.org

submarine sonar from freesound.org

flare deploy from freesound.org

ftl jump from freesound.org

Bit Cannon from freesound.org

Lava loop from freesound.org

Game Stills: