In a digitized future, two siblings have to work together to survive. Hunter has been unjustly sentanced to death by combat and must fight the beast before her. Gatherer seeks to aid his sister in her fight, and so has broken into the pits to find resources to transmit. Hunter/Gatherer is a 2d co-op game inspired by metroidvania-style resource gathering and boss-fighting. One player must assume the role of Hunter, and fight against a monstrous foe sent forth to destroy her. Another must assume the role of Gatherer and will scour the area around the arena searching for resources to aid their partner and increase their own chances of survival. Only by coordinating as a team will they be able to survive.
Jam year: 
CODE - Upside down
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Will Bridges – design, programming

Roger Chen – level design, programming, art

Orson Cheng – design, art, animation

Hoyin Chu – programming

Tommy O’Hara – design, programming

Clarence Hann – programming, resident Unity wizard

Bharadwaj Ace (Barru) – programming

Carter Seggev – design, art, animation

Alisa Sisson – sound design

Marie Yatsyk – project management, git --help, programming, art


Game Stills: 
Source files: