Human Touch

2,062 whole years after the birth of Christ - humanity’s had a good run. Wars these days are mostly fought over resources driven into extreme scarcity by climate change, and this conflict is no exception. Two friends, Lacey and Allison, enlisted in the North American Union’s Armed Forces to pay for their cerebral university-education implants, as most young people do nowadays - they never expected to see combat. While stationed deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia, their teammate Isaac encountered a Daffodil Droid - a bloodthirsty weapon created by the Rohingya Autonomous Republic to defend its national interests - and got a huge, smoking hole blown in his leg, only narrowly escaping by hopping on the other one. He’s on the other side of the labyrinthine jungle, though, and rapidly bleeding out. It’s Lacey and Allison’s quest to deliver him the necessary medical supplies without falling victim to technological innovation themselves. Lacey physically moves through the jungle, evading Daffodil Droids. Allison can control certain aspects of the environment, such as hacking the RAR’s locked gates to open. /// CONTROLS: The game requires at least two players. One player must choose eye in the sky and the other must choose Soldier on the ground. Soldier on the ground - The player on the ground moves forward and back with ‘w’ & ‘s’. They can turn with ‘a’ & ‘d’. The objective for the player on the ground is to get to the end of the map without stepping on any mines or getting caught by the guards. Eye in the sky- The eye in the sky moves with the same controls. The objective for the eye in the sky is to guide the player around mines and make sure they get safely to the end. Connecting to other players: Connecting via lan requires host and client, client must type in the host’s IP. Over wifi use matchmaking.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Jacob Golder - Concept, Level Design, Leadership

John Davis - 3D Modeling, Environment Design, Story

Dan Hammond - Programming, Network Coordination

Preston Adams - Programming

Rahaan Gandhi - Level Design, Programming

Justin Motton - Programming, Design

Mohammed Rashad - Game Design, Animations, Programming