Houston, We ARE The Problem

19:55 Houston Mission Control, TX USA It was a normal night, but you happened to be the last one in the office at mission control: It was Sandra at aeronautics’ birthday but you missed the memo to leave 15 minutes early. Oh well. It’s a good thing someone is left behind, because the satellite housing your bosses’ pension data seems to have gone adrift… I guess you should try and make sure it doesn’t crash, you know, for fun. "Houston, you ARE the problem." is a game where you avoid asteroids from hitting your satellite by transmitting mouse clicks into the terminal. As the game progresses, the satellite will traverse farther away from your signal which in-turn takes longer to receive your input. Try your best to survive the longest! Controls: Left-Click to move Right-Click and Drag to look down to your Radar.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Matthew Ferreira - Game Systems, Locomotion, Scene editing, coding, design

Steven Ramos - Production, Game Systems, Shaders, Scene work, Coding, design

Van Tran - Modelling, Particles, Scene work, Design, Texturing

Ryon Everett - Audio, Game Systems, 2D art, Design, Coding

Game Stills: