Hero Chronicle

Control one of four heroes in the world of Temporia, a land blemished by the god Deus Chronicle and his Plague. ("Power Down" and "Palindrome" are both key aspects of the story, whilst "Created by Warren Robinett" is key in the Random card deck.) (The game "VIRUS.exe" is the game produced during "Final Countdown". See that game for more details.)
Jam year: 
DESIGN - Power down
DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
NARRATIVE - Palindrome
META - Final Countdown
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Installation Instructions: 

Most of the game was made by hand and, as of writing, I do not have access to any materials made on computer.


Steven: Team Leader

Caleb: Chief Storywriter

Dom: Chief Level Designer

Sam: Assistant Designer

Game Stills: