Here Come the Humans

Multiplayer rocket-controlling game of delayed signals. Game is available at for some days after jam. After that custom server is needed.
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ACCESSIBILITY - One tap for all
DESIGN - Under the Influence
DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Android device, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft Windows Phone
Technology Notes: 
Node.js, pixijs,, soundjs, tweenjs, babel, webpack, texturepacker, hapi, webgl, victor
Installation Instructions: 

### How do I get set up? ###
* Install NodeJS and npm
* in client/ run ( npm install; npm run build )
* in server/ run ( npm install; npm start )
* connect to localhost:80


* Spiikki Sillanpää / Backend Bastard
* Timo Elsilä / Weaponized Wavegenerator
* Jari Paananen / Antagonizer of Art
* Matti Isotalo / Slavedriver
* Henri Sarasvirta / Visual Code Violator
* Petri Sarasvirta / Server Interrogation


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