The Hands of an Angry God

You are an ancient deity who sleeps in a holy temple. You awaken once every one thousand years. A single worshipper earns the right to ask you an important question. Make sure your answer is a good one!
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Technology Notes: 
This game is an audio-only experience that runs on Amazon's Alexa platform. You need an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show to play it. Until it goes live on the Alexa app store, you will also need to use a developer account to run it on your device.
Installation Instructions: 

This game only runs on Amazon devices that use the Alexa app system. This includes the Echo Dot, the Echo, and the Echo Show.

The uploaded file is our git repo for the game project. If you desperately want to run this version of the game, please get in touch with us! Otherwise, hold tight until we can get it approved on the Alexa App Store.


Brook Nichols - Programming and Design

Kellie Medlin - Programming and Design

Rosstin Murphy - Programming and Design

Kent Sutherland - Writing and Design

Laura Michet - Writing and Design

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