Grand Ma's Legacy

Project name : Grand-Ma’s Legacy About: For her 99’s birthday Grand Ma is sad. She didn’t know who deserve her legacy: her must dear possession But Grand Ma has a idea… An idea with challenge, blood, tears and a warm family reunion… Trought a serie of mini-games Player One has to claim his Legacy! control Arrow and space bar. This game is not finished. We upload it on state ^^. And we don't have the time for make instruction in game.. Platform: Ms Windows Credit: Huvet Jason: Programmation; Pellard Clément : Game design of mini games, script; Roubot Gianni: Design and 2D Graphics, music; Salib Philip: 2D Graphics; Warning : somes screen are a risk for epilepsy..
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Dezip the file and play the .exe


Philippe Salib -Graph

Clement Pellard-GD

Gianni Roubot -Graph

Jason Huvet - Dev

Source files: