The spy agency got a new mission! Preventing a new virus that was being developed in secret, by an underground agency that would transmit a terrifying virus to every computer in the world so that they could know everything from: Bank account’s; military secret’s; the new season of Game of Thrones; etc... So our agent must go inside and input the agencies own code so that can naturalize the virus and save the world, but when he got close to finish the upload the computer was shot by the underground’s assassin. With that shot, the computer malfunction and all of the agency got pitch black, so they change bullets! they use special bullets whit sonar like effect to know where they are or where they were so they can stop each other. To kill, you got to shoot first!
Jam year: 
MS Windows

Emilien Deltell - Programer

Francisco Santos - Development/ Story Artist/ Animator

Gonçalo Caboz - Sound/Music

Jéssica Brazinha - Developing Management/Design/Research

João Filipe - Programer/ Game Design

Vasyl Pauk - Concept Art/Visual Development/Game Design



Game Stills: