Eavesdropper 2042

It is 2042. In this dystopian world, only a handful of corporations rule the world. These corporations will use any means to acquire more wealth and power. Corruption is more rule than exception. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has almost reached its full potential. Police make use of this AI in the form of a new recruits, robocops created by USR, which take firm actions against anyone who stands in their way. Lately, several mysterious terrorist attacks have happened. While it is obvious that there is foul play at hand, people are scared to intervene. You are a hacker, capable of doing something about this; by intervening messages between people, you have a chance at finding out who is responsible for these terrorist attacks. By stopping accomplices, you might get to the source of all of this. However, be aware of the police. If they find out that you are hacking, you definitely seem to be connected to these terrorist attacks and might end up in jail.
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ART - Stranger Things
DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the Eavesdropper2042_Release.zip. It contains builds for Windows 32, Windows 64 and OSX. Pick one which works best for your operating system.

This game has a high learning curve, check the readme!


Eric van Gastel - Programmer
Yongyi Jin - Programmer
Frederique Gerritsen - Artist
Koen Damen - Artist
Róbin Kleter - Artist

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