Down With The Sickness

A game about transmitting viruses. Stick as many people as possible with a syringe, so they become infected and transmit a virus. Avoid the CDC.
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Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

To get the final build, Go to Google Play with any android phone and click the install button.

To get the first release candidate that was completed at the halfway point of the global game jam

Download the APK file at the bottom of this page.  Unzip the file.   Move file onto android device.   Navigate to the file in the android device.  Click on it to install.  (It may require that you temporarily change your settings allow apps from untrusted sources)



Kristiyan Shikov - Dark Magic 
Nikolai Marinov - Blood Magic


Dimitar Katzarov - Concept Artist, Character Modeling
Velina Ilieva - Level Design, and Environment Art
Gergana Petkanska - User Interface, and Graphic Design
Hagop O. - Animation


Colorado Stark - Scrum Master

Game Stills: