Don't Say The Word

This is a drinking game, where all participants write down a phrase or a word on a paper, which is placed on the forehead of the next person without having them see what's on it. The goal of the game is not say the word on your forehead, however, noone knows which word/phrase is written on their forehead. If someone says the word, they take a shot and remove the paper. If someone tries to guess what is written on their forehead wrong, they keep the paper and take another shot. If someone guesses what is written on their forehead true, they remove the paper and everybody wins. The game ends when everybody removes the paper on their forehead (by winning or losing the game). The game can be played while having a conversation. Since it doesn't require to take turns, you won't get bored waiting for your turn. It is easy to recognize when someone says their taboo word, because it is written on their forehead.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Unzip, read, tell your friends, play! Note: Please drink responsibly and do not drive under influence.


Efe Gürkan, Druınk , Game Designer, Computer Engineer

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