Distress Signal

Since the Cold War ended, the government has preferred to keep out of sight all the uncomfortable reminders of the money it poured down the hole. Fortunately, DSI-1 was always located at the bottom of the ocean to begin with, over two kilometers deep, where no daylight penetrates. Still top secret, DSI-1 became a research station, crewed by the kind of people who find the cramped quarters and absolute isolation an acceptable price to pay for guaranteed peace and quiet from other people. At the moment, that adds up to two people. But one day, the solitude is broken by an SOS signal from a nearby cave... Distress Signal is a game for two players. One plays as the diver, who explores the cave, trying to find the source of the signal. The other is his technician on the DSI-1, and monitors his suit energy level, as well as the outputs on his proximity sensors and radars. In order to survive the things that lurk in the darkness, the players must communicate effectively and work together.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Joonas Lipping - Programming, Game Design, Level Design

Pavel Smirnov - Programming, Game Design

Jimi Jokela - Programming, Game Design, Level Design

Taru Toivonen - 3D Artist, Game Design, Level Design

Pekka Koivisto - Music and Sound Design

Senja Smirnova - Graphic Design

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