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Explore the uncharted territory of the Kilaliya Space Sector as you look for your way home. Avoid fleets of enemy ships, black holes and more as you search for and secure the four portals that will open your path back home. Travel with the WASD keys, and keep a careful eye on your surroundings. One false move and it will be over.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Pen and paper-Used by Emma Peterson to create small planet designs and illustrations. Pixlr-Used for digitizing small planet designs and illustrations done by Emma Peterson. Krita-Used by Rachel Peterson (isnotshort) to create the spaceship, gas giant, enemy, and asteroid designs and illustrations. Adobe Photoshop-Used by Cal to create portal designs and illustrations. FLstudio(Fruity Loops Studio)-Used by Andrew Hill to create and design sound effects (none used). Adobe Audition-Used for audio capture of voice lines by Jake Annis, Ashley Nicole Stevens, Lowell Rice, and Martha Megarry (none used).

Cal Carlson - Portal Designs and Illustrations.
Emma Peterson - Small Planet Designs and Illustrations.
Rachel Peterson - Spaceship, Gas Giant, Enemy, and Asteroid Designs and Illustrations.
Andrew Hill - Sound Engineering and Design.
Jake Annis - Voice Over and Dialogue Talent.
Ashley Nicole Stevens - Voice Over and Dialogue Talent.
Lowell Rice - Voice Over and Dialogue Talent.
Martha Megarry - Vocal Recording and Audiology.