Dead On Transmission

A village in the middle of the wasteland has been infiltrated by cannibals! Talk with other players, find out who the cannibals are and vote them to exile! You can also try to survive until help arrives. Some players start as cannibals and their objective is to eat the other players before they are exiled or help arrives. This game is heavily influenced by social games such as Werewolf and Mafia. It's played so that the game is hosted on a big screen (computer) and players can join the game via Android app. It's played by discussing in real life and voting via app.
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AUDIO - Beatbox
DESIGN - Night and Day
MS Windows, Android device
Installation Instructions: 

- Run Dead On Transmission.exe (From 'Host (Windows)' - folder)
- Create host
- Wait for players
- Start game when players are present

- Launch DeadOnTransmission -app (Install from 'Client (Android)' -folder)
- Type in name and join when server is up

Game Stills: