Transmit music at different tempos to control these dancybois! Dancy-bois move with the tempo of the music, speed things up to make them go faster or rewind to send them backwards. Be careful though, they're easily startled by loud noises and will jump if you scare them! Controls: [left arrow] reduce tempo [right arrow] increase tempo [space] A I R H O R N
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ART - My eyes are my ears
DESIGN - Under the Influence
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Extract release zip and click .exe file.


"All in one vinyl DJ unit" by David Smereski is licensed under CC BY 2.0

"Airhorn" by jacksonacademyashmore is licenced under CC BY 2.0

"Groove Music" by Lemoncreme is licensced under CC BY 2.0

"Arcade Music Loop" by joshuaempyre is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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