Cyborg Warriors vs Alien Vampires Beyond The Dark Side of The Twilight Galaxy: Transmission Critical; Chapter 2

CWvAVBTDSoTG:TC;C2 is a turn-based tactics game where the player controls a squad of soldiers, issuing each several commands per turn (via typing) which are carried out once all orders are input. The squad is on a mission to reach a terminal in alien-vampires infested territory, but the player cannot see these aliens, rather, they rely on verbal information relayed from the soldiers to build up an image of the surrounding threats. ============================================================================================================= The player types into the console to give the soldiers orders to move, aim, shoot, and help each other when injured, and is able to give up to 3 orders per unit per turn. At the end of each turn, soldiers will call out any alien-vampires they detect. The player must guide the soldiers to the objective room to win the game. ============================================================================================================= To give commands, the player should select a soldier by pressing A-D, choose an action by pressing M to move, E to engage (fire), F to face a direction, and H to help a team-mate. Engaging requires no more input, but Move and Face require co-ordinates, and Help requires a soldier tag (A, B, C, or D). Once all inputs are made, press enter to commit the command. The player can press backspace at any time to back-track through this process. ============================================================================================================= The player can put markers on the map to help visualise alien-vampire positions. This is done by pressing the desired icon in the top right of the screen then clicking on the map location. This is the only mouse-driven element of CWvAVBTDSoTG:TC;C2.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Microsoft Visual studio used for scripts within Unity GitHub used for collaboration GIMP 2 & Paint.NET used for graphics

Dan Allison

Zhon Fang

Nimrod Libman

Alan Monaghan

Toran Tula

Sam Stewart


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