Chubby Bros Industries – Machine Souls

Story ॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱ Humans f-ed up society. Machines have taken over. Absorbed peoples Souls. Forcing Humanity to follow orders.                                                                                                                  A few rebels got away. Struggling their way through the dark ages.                                                                                                                  Two of them share a romance, escaping, fighting, day by day. When one of the machine squads succeeds to capture her and suck out her soul.                                                                                                                  It's your duty to find a soul, search for your loved one and bring her back to life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Overview ॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱॱ You start with one skill, going through challenging levels that you have to solve with the skill. You will meet others along your way with witch you can trade your skills.                                                                                                                  But be aware: skills are volatile — meaning that if you exchange a skill, it's gone! Different skills help you to solve different problems, so trading is key.                                                                                                                  Careful: keep an eye on your visibility! Since you're a known rebel, the machines are trying to capture you. The longer you are on the surface, the more visibility you will have. As soon as you hit 100%, the machines get you.
Jam year: 
AUDIO - Beatbox
AUDIO - A Bold Choice
Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
• Sketch • Procreate
Game Stills: