Captain Penguin and the Final Frontier

Join Captain Penguin and his crew on an epic adventure. Captain Penguin and the Final Frontier is a game for up to four players. Co-ordinate with your teammates on your chaotic space journey to keep your spaceship intact and explore the universe!
Jam Site: 
Jam year: 
That Kind-a Game - (Sponsored by iThrive)
ART - Stranger Things
DESIGN - Feathered Friends
NARRATIVE - Palindrome
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Photoshop, After Effects, Graphics Gale.

Janne Mikkola (design)

Adam Al-Sawad (music) 

Timo Hakkarainen and Roosa Räsänen (graphics) 

Sami Hyvönen (code)

Pauli Ondruska (sound design)