Bolang Bird: The Lost Bird Boy

Save the Children's Bird From The Impending Doom! save them using your voice (press A) to crack the egg! Flap your wings(Space) and move forward(Right Key Arrow, or D), or back (Left Key Arrow, or A) to avoid big blue bushes, that can kill you on contact!
Jam year: 
CODE - Happy Birthday GGJ -
DESIGN - Feathered Friends
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1. Extract the .zip file

2. Click "Bolang Bird.exe" File

3. Have Fun!


Created by:
Muhammad Yusuf Kasyfillah (Project Manager & Programmer)
Hans Kresnawan (Programmer)
Oryza Ummi Sholichah (2D Artist)
Muhammad Andri Setiawan (2D Artist)

Game Stills: 
Source files: