=====[STORY]==== It's always hard to become single mother, especially when you are a male disabled bird. Now is too late to regret what you have done. You are not supposed to mating too much, now your wifes leave your children behind, and they are starving! It's your responsibility to feed them until they can fly by themself. well, that's not really bad huh? but wait, i forget to tell you if you live in fragile nest. now it's the matter of time, can you feed your children before the nest broken?? =====[DESCRIPTION]===== BirdSitter is a puzzle game where you are a bird who need to feed your children. Because of your wounded wings, you can't fly so you need to hop on to branch to move from nest to nest. The rule is simple, feed all your children and you win. Let your nest broken with your children inside and you are lose. =====[HOW TO PLAY]===== (1)Have a good seat (2)click on nest or fruit to move (3)you can only bring limited fruit at the same times. (4) your children only eat their prefered fruit (5)you can only move to adjacent nest or fruit if it connected by branch (6)Be wary, if you step the same nest a few times, it might be broken (7)Keep calm and feeding.
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DESIGN - Feathered Friends
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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