Deep in a secret government laboratory, a Biologically Engineered Sentient Transmitted Infection - codenamed "B.E.S.T.I" - plots it's escape. Your task is to guide B.E.S.T.I to freedom by transmitting yourself between 3 different character types, each with different abilities, in this low-poly top-down adventure. - When playing as B.E.S.T.I you can use your transmitting ability to possess security guards, doctors and janitors. This allows you to open different doors and perform new tasks to progress - but you can only possess characters for a short time. B.E.S.T.I can also go through air vents to teleport around the level. Decontamination Zones will instantly kill B.E.S.T.I when not possessing a character. - SECURITY GUARDS can open DARK BLUE doors and are the only characters that can see where the decontamination zones are. - DOCTORS can open LIGHT BLUE doors and can survive the longest in decontamination zones. - JANITORS can open RED doors. - Reach and possess the BOSS character to finish the game. Throughout the facility there are DECONTAMINATION ZONES that will instantly kill B.E.S.T.I. Possessed characters take damage in these zones. Doctors can survive the longest in these zones.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Maya, Photoshop
Installation Instructions: 

Open 'BESTI.exe' in 'BESTI' folder

press 'ALT-F4' to close


Josh Potts - Level Design

Jess Underwood - 2D Art and Character Design

Junaid  Attique -  3D Art (modular pieces/props)

Alex Keates - 3D Art (characters)

Theo Clarke -  3D Art (props)

Lloyd Everson - Mechanics and Level Design

Edgaras Barsketis - 3D Art (props)

Jakob MacDonald - Mechanics and Level Design

Musti Yahya - Level Design

Simon Ashcroft - 3D Art (props)

Jack England - 3D Art (props)

James Cameron - Level Design

Allan J. Balloqui - Sound Effects

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