Bad Touch

After patient zero became infected, he began roaming the town in hunt of his next victim during the night. The infected townsfolk are turning into flesh-eating zombies one by one, causing a decline in humanity and a rise of a possible apocalypse. The only way to lure the zombies away from the uninfected is to distract them using streetlights. Can you save them?
Jam year: 
ART - Stranger Things
DESIGN - Under the Influence
NARRATIVE - Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story
Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Other software used: Maya 2016 Adobe Animate Photoshop CC

Liam Broughm

Dylan Timmons

Madelaine Veinot 

Jacob Lunn

Mohammad Karimi

Aaron Sanford

Will Marsman

Spencer Burnsie

Vincent Fellows

Keir Macinnis

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