Android Whispers

Android Whispers is a modern day chinese whispers style game - made to be played by a maximum of 10 android users - it randomly generates words (from a list) that it asks players to describe without using the word. The description is changed automagically to text-to-speech using Microsoft Azure Serverless technology. It is then played to the next person in the game group. They guess the word and that word is sent to the next player in the game group to describe without using the word they are sent. This builds up so that by the 10th person guessing the word is sent to the server and is matched against the original word. If the word matches then the players have been successful and everyone scores +1 point. If the word does not match the original word then all the players get a -1.
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DESIGN - I’ll be there in a minute
DESIGN - Nem tão próximos
Android device
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Xamarin forms, Visual Studio IDE, Microsoft Azure, Android (min 4.0)
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Open the project in Visual Studio (androidwhisperwebservice/androidwhispers.sln), change the Azure server address(constants.cs), finally compile and deploy to android device. Enjoy the game! 


Coding, Azure and game mechanics - Tiago Picao

Graphics, music, and gameplay - Paul Marlow


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