American Autonomous Automobile Association

Welcome to the future! Self-driving cars are finally free to roam the streets, while human office drones are still confined to cubicles and steeped in corporate culture – complete with corny acronyms, “inspirational” quotes, confusing charts, illegible fonts and ill-chosen clipart from the 1990s. You’ve just been hired as a Customer Support Technician at AAAA (American Autonomous Automobile Association). Can you help our valued vehicles repair themselves? It’s easy! Just read the manual, and remember the four A’s: Answer the phone; Ask clarifying questions; Accurately give instructions; Always keep trying until the problem is fixed! :) AAAA uses the IBM Watson API for voice recognition.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
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Unity (any product)

CS Wallace

Lizelle Serrano

Nicholas Maddalena

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