All Hands On Deck: The Wreckoning

Remember that one game that we made a couple years ago? Here's the highly anticipated sequel from The Salty Seamen that no-one asked for! You resume the role of Captain James Flint, on his eternal quest to become the greatest pirate racer of his generation. Things appeared to be going well for our growing superstar, until the tyrannical racer Captain Ronald Grump hit the scene. Grump, at the helm of his man-o-war, The Grabber, has been wreaking havoc across all seven seas. What is our hero to do in the face of the hardest rivalry of his life? Featuring: - The largest cast of characters of any AHOD game to date. - Brand-new story mode; your choices affect how the tale unfolds. - Epic soundtrack recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. - The largest collection of paid DLC of any game. - Staring at the main menu for extended period of time is rumoured to cure liver pains. - LIMITED EDITION BOX: Contains a real strand of hair from the real Captain Flint that lived in the pirate times. - DELUXE EDITION BOX: 10 free ship captaining lessons for free; prepare your sea legs without breaking the coin purse. - Random boxes have been cursed by an actual voodoo witch, challenge yourself and play on the hardest difficulty level in real life.
Jam year: 
DESIGN - I’ll be there in a minute
NARRATIVE - Palindrome
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Nathan Dewell - Project Lead, Programming Lead, Design Lead

Corrina Hoey - Exectutive Gameplay Programmer, UI Programmer

Jack Nicklaus Smith - Level Designer, Level Programmer, 3D Modelling Lead

John Paul Ibanez - Temporary Audio Technician, Interface Artist, Executive Culinary Experimenteur

Rachel Wilmshurt - Emotional Logistics Engineer, Team Experience Enhancement Consultant

Gigi the “Gorilla” – Jiu Jitsu Coach

Many special thanks to Birmingham City University for hosting the Global Game Jam yet again, and even more thanks for pushing the boundaries of what is legal to feed to human beings during a stressful event.
Thanks also to:
- Unity Engine, for giving us a platform to create our vision with
- Kirkland Signature by Costco, for providing the jam site with a selection of both tasty treats and questionable edibles.
- Gigi the "gorilla", for being a great stress reliever in our time of great stress.
- Got2b Glued hairspray by Schwarzkopf, for keeping my hair *relatively* in check for the weekend.
- The guy that invented water, for without which we would have shriveled long ago.
#GGJ18 #BCUGGJ18 #ListenManIfYouWantToControlTheAirConditionerTheThermostatIsRightThereIDontReallyCareAllThatMuchMan

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