The Aliens' Last Stand

The Aliens' Last Stand is a four player co-operative game of survival against the board, but with a twist: one player can see the upcoming threat and transmit information to other players using abstract symbols. While the game features a number of resources (e.g. population, unit, fortification and alien infiltration tokens) which must be managed by players' actions, which action each player must take requires the foresight and communication skills of one team member. The game is played on a board with 8 planets: each player has control of a sector with two planets where population, fortifications, and alien infiltration tokens can be placed. The player can choose from a set of 12 actions, applying one action per turn on one of their planets or (for specific actions) interact with neighboring players to transfer unit or population tokens to them. If a planet is ever depleted of population tokens it is lost: players can spend a reclaim action to gain control of it with one population token. Moreover, each player has a starbase where they place units (i.e. spaceships) which are needed to counter certain threats. The threat deck is a finite deck, with 20 threat cards chosen randomly from a larger pool of 60 cards. Such threats may range from pandemic or dissent on a planet or a sector, to alien infiltration (or infiltrating aliens causing more mischief), to full-blown alien invasion starting from the outermost planets of the system. Many threats can be countered with more than one action, but those actions can come at a cost and punish the player in the long run. Moreover, only one player knows what threat is coming, and must communicate this (or which actions are ideal for countering it) to other players. Transmission of information is done with a set of 12 symbols, chosen randomly from a set of 80+ symbols generated algorithmically. The “lookout” player, who has seen the threat card, can use up to four symbols in total to warn each player individually or warn all players with a global broadcast. The”lookout” player can not speak, and must give all symbols so that all players can see them, even if they are directed to one player. Once the “lookout” has transmitted the information, every player must place an action card face down on one of their planets (or a neighboring sector). Then the threat is revealed, as well as all players' actions. Players can choose in which order their actions take effect, and the threat card takes effect in the end. If at least one planet survives when the threat deck is depleted, the players have won the game.
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