Adrift is a narrative game with multiple choices, in which you are an employee of a space shipments company in a space station set in a dystopic future. Following a help request from an astronaut who's the only survivor in a spaceship, you have to help him not to lose hope and to get out of his dreadful situation by choosing carefully what to tell him during the game. The only way to communicate is via a terminal, and transmissions can sometimes be buggy...
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Extract the .exe file from the compressed folder and execute it.


Akirpap is:

Game Designers

Capitani Roberta
Checcucci Daniele
Piccini Giampaolo


Fulgieri Alessio

Concept Artists

Bandini Samuele
Marzi Elisa


Thanks for sound effects to:
and for the font:

Also thanks to Keijiro Takahashi for the post processing effects on:

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