Game Title: 28012018 Fij is an alien being that foresaw that the end of the world will come at 28/01/2018. Unfortunately he died, but he managed to inform you in time. You are the only ones that know where Fij's spaceship is landed (which is the only way to escape from a planet that is about to get destroyed). Your mission is to infrom,and therefore to save as many people as you can. Of course, there's nothing easy about this mission, and the abilities that you have in hand to influence the world are limited. In order to ensure the cooperation of people with high resonance (influencers), you have to fulfill some challenges. Winner is the player that has convinced the most people about the end of the world with the influencers’ help. The game is classified in the categories board/card games and party games. How the theme gets involved (transmission) We used the meaning of the theme in a way that shows the transmission of knowledge. For this certain game, the knowledge that the end of the world is near, constitutes the only safe plank for everyone. Local Diversifiers: collaboration Lucid Ferret's help was exceptionally important. Rules • It's playable by four(4) people or more. • The youngest player plays first and it follows in a clockwise direction. • In the beginning of each turn, each player takes one "action card". • Each "action card" can include either a challenge, or a task AND the related points which the player gains if he completes the challenge/task. • The points are separated in the following categories (resources). (A) Fans, (B) Media, ( C) Banks, (D) Sponsors, (E) Managers. These categories are the necessary resources that the player needs to "redeem" the influencers' help. • Each challenge/task has to be fulfilled by the given time on each "action card". • In order to complete the challenges/tasks you can redeem another player's cooperation. Each player starts the game with three "Π" marks that give you the chance to bargain the help of other players in exchange of resources. Also you can find 6 "Π" cards in the "action card" deck . • There are 5 influencers (politician, priest, journalist, youtuber and celebrity) and each one of them has their own followers witch is shown on each one's card. In order to redeem their help you have to collect specific resources which are shown on the cards. • The game ends when a player has gained one of the following combos of influencers. (A) 1 Priest and 1 Journalist, (B) 1 Politician and 1 Youtuber, (C ) 2 journalists and 1 celebrity.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)

Konstantina Moutaki , Andreas Potamitis,  Konstantina Kallergi,  Elpiniki Zafeiraki,  Eleana Pandia, Elena Roinioti, Lucid Ferret

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